Zeta Beta Xi was founded in the Fall of 1993.  Its earliest years saw the fraternity linked with the national organization of Zeta Beta Tau.  A desire for a different path led the Founding Fathers and the other earliest members to break away from our roots to become a tight-knit local organization.  Our reach may not extend as far as most national organizations but we have alumni on every continent in the world and our communication is something we’re always trying to better.  This website is a testament to that desire to maintain a strong bond with all our members, both active at Geneseo and throughout the greater alumni organization.  We have well over 250 alumni members throughout the world and we’re driven to maintaining the brotherhood we all helped build during our years at SUNY Geneseo.  To all those who would wish to join this unparalleled organization, we welcome you and hope that you can find a place among us as we all were able to, once upon a time in Upstate New York.

-The Zeta Beta Xi Alumni Executive Board & Greater Brotherhood

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